A public cloud experience - in the privacy of your datacenter

For some organisations, moving to the hybrid cloud is not an option. And nor is using the public cloud.

Imagine if you could have all the benefits of the public cloud (flexibility, scalability, agility, one-stop-shop management interface), but 100% deployed locally in your datacenter.

This is Neo.

Using all the technologies that drive hybrid cloud deployments, Neo delivers a public cloud experience, but in the privacy of your datacenter.

Multiple technologies, one hyperconverged platform

With Neo, you are transforming your datacenter into one that’s software-defined, that benefits from hyperconverged infrastructure, that’s driven by virtual appliances, and that benefits from distributed security.

We have integrated these technologies into a functionality-rich solution stack that’s easy to specify, easy to commission and deploy, and easy to manage and run.

Efficient, cost-effective and secure

Designed around a single automation, implementation and orchestration platform means that Neo delivers the most efficient and cost-effective management interface that removes the need for expensive and specialist IT resources.

Neo is the industry’s first software-defined hybrid datacenter infrastructure solution. It bridges the gap between running infrastructure in your private datacenter (as an on-premise solution), and running services from one (or more) public cloud providers.

Neo provides a truly hybrid operating model, where workloads can be managed, monitored and migrated between on-premise and off-premise infrastructures from a single point.