On 1st August 2018, I-BIT customer Bottomline will be taking part in a webinar run by a leading technology website, The Register. The webinar will look at the Bottomline’s move to a hybrid environment.

Bottomline is a payment service provider with global reach. As innovators in business payment automation technology, the company aims ‘to make complex business payments simple, smart and secure.’

Like many organisations, Bottomline’s move to a hybrid cloud began with the need to move forward from legacy servers and storage. However, they soon became aware of the true potential of working with a hybrid environment. The webinar will look at Bottomline’s journey, considering the key questions that surround a transition to hybrid solutions. These include: where does a company start? How can it ensure business and operational goals are met? And what opportunities does the hybrid cloud present?

In the webinar, Peter Marshall, head of infrastructure at Bottomline, will discuss his experiences of this transition. He’ll be joined by The Register’s Jon Collins. Industry leader Nutanix will also be represented, offering insights into the bigger picture.

The webinar promises to offer plenty of insights for any companies considering the same transition. As a solutions provider for Bottomline, as well as a Nutanix Premier Partner, we feel it’s a great opportunity to find out about hybrid solutions.

The Webinar takes place on 1st August at 11am, BST. You can sign up on The Register’s site.