Nutanix, a major force in enterprise cloud computing, announced last week that they will be supporting the private cloud deployment of SAIC Volkswagen. This development promises a host of improvements for the automotive giants, including substantial efficiency savings.

SAIC-Volkswagen is a Sino-German venture that, as might be expected, has huge IT demands. In recent years, their IT team has faced challenges in three main areas:

  • management and maintenance costs associated with their three-tier datacentre;
  • matching compute needs with the capabilities of their storage. For example, in some cases storage was well in excess of the needs of their applications, creating inefficiencies;
  • responding flexibly and quickly when storage needed upscaling.

The Nutanix cloud solution has been able to address these issues, freeing the venture from the limitations of its existing systems. Its deployment will mean a reduction in procurement and maintenance costs, as well as streamlining the internal procurement process. In addition, the IT demands of various departments can now be addressed more rapidly and with greater control.

According to Yahoo Finance, project lead at SAIC Volkswagen Wang Chunxiao has described Nutanix’s involvement as ‘exceeding expectations’ and providing the company with a hassle-free solution.

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