A broad set of hybrid cloud capabilities

By working closely with enterprises, AWS has developed the industry’s broadest set of hybrid capabilities across storage, networking, security, application deployment, and management tools, to make it easy for you to integrate the cloud as a seamless and secure extension of your existing investments.

And to facilitate AWS hybrid cloud deployments, we work with Amazon’s strategic partners that have all the experience of on-premise IT infrastructure deployments, such as VMWare and Microsoft, that enable you to run your existing enterprise applications on AWS with full support and high performance.

Cost-effective data integration

At the most fundamental level, hybrid computing can be viewed as having data that resides both on-premises and in the AWS cloud. This will be driven by the need to:

  • economically store large data sets
  • utilise new cloud-native databases
  • move data closer to customers
  • create a backup and archive solution that has high availability

We work with AWS to provide a range of storage and database services that can work together with your on-premises applications to store data reliably and securely. Using these services on AWS, we can help you to achieve the same or better control, reliability, and availability that you enjoy in your datacenters today.

Robust hybrid architecture

To get the most out of a hybrid cloud environment, you are going to need to integrate your resource and deployment management. You will find that the most robust form of hybrid architecture involves integrating application deployment and management across on-premise and cloud environments. We build solutions using AWS and VMware because they have developed a deep, unique relationship to enable VMware-based workloads to be run on the AWS Cloud.