Storage and backup for the hybrid cloud

Imagine having the simplicity of cloud storage – but in your data centre or hybrid cloud solution. Starting small and scaling to petabyte levels of storage and backup, Cloudian delivers interoperability, data durability, and operational efficiency to your IT infrastructure.

The flexibility of Cloudian’s deployment model gives you the following options:

  • appliance for turnkey installation in whatever architecture you require
    • on-premise
    • hybrid cloud
    • multi-site
    • or even to provide storage as a service
  • software to run on your own commodity servers
  • pay-as-you-go metered service from the Amazon marketplace

Securely powering the hybrid cloud

Being designed from the ground up to deliver hybrid cloud usability and performance, Cloudian uses policies you define to automatically tier data to the public cloud. It’s simple to manage and limitlessly scalable.

But that’s not enough without security and operational efficiency, so Cloudian provides native capabilities for compression, highly secure erasure coding, encryption for data at rest, and consolidated object and file level data backup and archiving.

70% savings on storage costs

Using an extremely efficient architecture and industry standard components, the Cloudian solution delivers cost savings across the board:

  • 30% savings in the datacenter – because we do integrated data compression, erasure coding and high-density packaging reduce footprint we use 30% less power/space and cooling than conventional solutions
  • 66% lower CapEx – with the option of using Cloudian software on commodity hardware, you can run our solution using infrastructure you provision yourself
  • Less management overhead – being designed for the hybrid cloud, everything is managed through a single interface whether Cloudian is managing local or cloud-based storage, or both.