Your mission-critical data. Safe.

Rubrik delivers automated backup, instant recovery, offsite replication, and data archiving in a simple, scale-out platform designed for the hybrid cloud. This is about simplifying how you keep your data safe and secure today and for the future.

Delivered as an appliance, Rubrik redefines how the following mission-critical data activities are unified and secured into a single, scalable platform:

  • data protection
  • data backup
  • disaster recovery
  • data archiving
  • data analytics
  • compliance
  • search

Backup and recovery. Simplified.

Using a single, run-anywhere platform, Rubrik manages all your data across all your clouds. Designed for the hybrid cloud, it eliminates the complexity (and unreliability!) of legacy solutions with an automated policy engine that manages data throughout its life cycle.

Just assign your data sources to your policies and Rubrik takes care of the rest. No more tedious job scheduling or application tracking.

Quickly find and recover files with Google-like predictive search whether they’re stored on a Rubrik appliance or within a public or private cloud.


By simplifying and converging legacy architecture, you will typically achieve immediate 30-50% CapEx savings by wiping out your now unnecessary hardware and software legacy point solutions. This combined with the management simplicity amplifies these savings over time while freeing resources up for true innovation.