We believe that security needs to be tightly integrated into the solutions we build and we achieve this by working with the leading, best of breed security experts. We don’t compromise on security.

Security in the transformed, software-defined, datacenter

Here at I-BIT, security isn’t an afterthought – it’s designed into the solutions we deliver right from the start. We work with the leading best of breed vendors in data security, continually monitoring this fast-evolving market for the latest product innovations and emerging technologies.

To keep hybrid cloud infrastructure secure, you need insight, and you need control. In an environment where you have on-premise and cloud elements, you need to be able to micro-segment each of your applications and have the ability to protect every workload – increasing visibility, security, and operational efficiency.

The right security for your business

Through close alliances with the world’s leading security IT vendors, we build solutions with integrated security that meet your evolving business needs.

We will help you build your security from the ground up and integrate the key principles for the modern datacenter: extensibility, scalability, independence and actionability.

  • Supporting today’s agile enterprises by providing secure, hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Eliminating entry points for external threats
  • Delivering central visibility and control for security inside and out
  • Reducing privilege misuse without impacting productivity
  • Antivirus protection, data encryption and mobile control so that all your IT assets are protected all the time