About Us

Agile, economical and easy to maintain.
We do next generation IT.

No more 3-tier architecture

Imagine if you could replace your ageing and hard to maintain IT infrastructure (your tin) with something that did away with the old notion of the 3-tier architecture. No more bottlenecks from having your compute processing servers strangled because your data storage servers are separated by, let’s be honest, fibre networks that are just not fast enough.

IT as an enabler of growth

How would your management team and end-users react if you could say to them that you were now an enabler to change and growth rather than a constraint? Imagine if they knew that your IT landscape could quickly adapt to their changing needs and would support them in their need to react rapidly to market forces.

No more maintenance downtime

Now imagine what it would be like having a single (and small) team of non-specialist resources managing your compute, storage and network infrastructure through a single, and nice to use, interface. And that maintenance downtime was a thing of the past.

Making all this happen is what we do.

About I-BIT

We’ve been around since 2007 and have always moved with the times. This, of course, is a necessary thing in the ever-evolving world of enterprise IT. A lot has happened in the last ten years, and there’s more change to come as we start embracing the cloud and cloud-like architecture.

We see our job as being to help IT teams like yours to be a positive force in company growth rather than the opposite – a barrier, a constraining force, a roadblock.

Best of the best

Yes, we deal with cutting-edge, disruptive technology, but we do it because it transforms IT teams from villains into heroes. We’ve used this philosophy with some global household names in high-throughput and mission-critical industries (think financial services and online/retail payment processing) to build their agile, enabling and high-performance IT infrastructure.

We are agile enough to provide individual service, independent and impartial enough to not be tied to any one solution. That said, we only work with the best of the best when we build IT solutions. And we’re proud to be successful enough to have worked with companies like WorldPay, Bottomline Technologies, Robert Walters and Fitness First.


You know what drives us crazy about the enterprise IT industry? Buzzwords. Get in touch if you want to know what some of these mean (and why it’s useful to actually learn what they mean): hyper-convergence. Software-defined datacenter. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. Enterprise cloud. Orchestration. Micro-segment…