The holistic approach to software defined networking

Nuage Networks take a bigger, more holistic approach to SDN. They redefine how both carrier and enterprise networks are built and this enables you to incorporate, operate, and provision datacentre cloud services as an integral part of your network services, rather than as an add-on to the network you already have.

Fulfilling the promise of SDN, Nuage are the only cloud networking solution that is truly open, flexible and designed to prevent vendor lock-in.

The hybrid cloud – on your own terms

Unlike other cloud and SDN vendors, Nuage let you design your cloud on your terms using any hardware, any platform and any provider. This saves you time, money and gives your complete flexibility of provisioning, OpEx and CapEx.

Nuage are also the only vendor that takes cloud and network automation from the datacenter to the WAN, and with their flexible SDN solutions, you can achieve your goals well into the future without re-architecting, retraining or major upgrades – delivering more cost savings and efficiencies.

Open and neutral

Whether it’s for your private or hybrid cloud, networking your datacenters, or securing your multi-site organisation, Nuage unifies cloud networking and SDN across hardware, virtualization platforms and cloud management software.

It also consolidates your datacenter and WAN infrastructure under one policy-based platform. And if that wasn’t enough, it provides an open, vendor-neutral environment that gives you flexibility and choice well into the future.