Case Studies

Bottomline Technologies

I-BIT worked with payment services provider, Bottomline Technologies, to deploy a secure cloud-based payment system.

I-BIT are premier partners of Nutanix, world leaders in implementing cloud technology. Using the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Bottomline Technologies were able to deploy Bottomline PT-X, a cloud-based solution that allows customers to securely handle millions of electronic payment transactions every day.

The benefits for Bottomline Technologies have included:

  • Increased performance with lower cost
  • Significant reduction in support and maintenance, freeing resources for other projects
  • Increased customer adoption and satisfaction
  • Linear scalability to quickly and easily handle expected service growth.

“I’m continually impressed with what the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform can do – both the speed at which it can be deployed and the way it just works.”

Peter Marshall, Head of Infrastructure, Bottomline Technologies Inc.


This is what Mike Day, the Managing Director at PXP had to say about us after we’d deployed a system for them that is helping them support a global high street retail fashion giant:

“I-BIT worked well with their suppliers – you couldn’t tell where the join was! They were attentive and efficient, and they helped us learn what to do to get the best out of the new platform. This was an opportunity to look again at how we deploy IT, to consider a different model, and really work out what was the best way of supporting our customer.”

Mike Day, Managing Director, PXP