Hyperscale application delivery

The Avi Vantage Platform delivers automated application services including load balancing, application analytics, predictive autoscaling, and security for on-premise or public cloud applications. The platform is built on software-defined principles, runs on commodity x86 servers, VMs, or containers, and matches the automation and self-service goals of modern enterprises.

The world’s largest technology firms, largest media companies, multinational banks, and other Fortune 500 organisations use Avi Networks to deliver applications at huge scale.

Application analytics, security, and performance

Application delivery controllers/load balancers occupy a privileged location (in the path of application traffic) in the datacenter. However, legacy ADCs have not taken advantage of this position to deliver useful insights. With real-time telemetry collected from distributed service delivery components, Avi Vantage provides unprecedented application visibility and insights:

  • dashboard with actionable performance, security, and client insights
  • ability to record and replay traffic events to troubleshoot applications
  • visibility with app maps and at-a-glance status with health scores

Lower TCO and higher security

Avi Vantage dramatically reduces upfront capital costs through an elastic appliance-based model that uses commodity hardware which also alleviates operational complexities inherent in buying hardware and managing multiple tools. And because of consumption-based use of servers, there’s no overprovisioning.

Avi’s built-in security enables you to enforce the right security policies required by your organisation. The admin console displays actionable security details including information about SSL versions and cyphers used in transactions, real-time DDoS attack data, and system health scores.