Provisioning MorpheusIntuitive UI lets you provision databases, apps, and app stack components on any server or cloud — on-premise, private, public, or hybrid — within seconds. Provisioning is performed asynchronously, allowing multiple IT systems to be provisioned simultaneously.


Installed In Minutes, Not Months

The future is fast. That’s why a typical Morpheus installation takes just 60 minutes and requires minimal IT support. Saving you time and money, so you can focus on what truly matters to your organisation.

Elastic Scaling & Failover

Easily manage databases and apps by adding more nodes on the web UI, CLI, or through an API call. Morpheus automatically configures the database or app cluster to accommodate these new nodes.

Logging & Monitoring

Morpheus automatically collects system, database, and application logs for all provisioned IT systems. These logs are used for faster introspection and troubleshooting. Additionally, each new provisioned system is set up automatically for uptime monitoring. Users are proactively alerted about performance and uptime issues.

Access & Role Management

Define different roles and access for individual users. Admins can delegate responsibility and access to different teams and individuals for specific geographic zones, server groups, individual apps, or databases.

CLI & Open API’s

Open REST API’s enable integration with heterogeneous systems. Advanced developers can utilise the standards-based Command Line Interface (CLI).

Backup & Recovery

Automatic backups are set up and performed on each new database or app stack component. Users have the flexibility to edit the day, time, and frequency of the backups. Admins can define the destination targets where backups are stored (either local storage or cloud), eliminating the need for writing custom cron jobs.